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And you want to provide insight on the positive impact of your solutions to buyers

Our platform validates your impact

Create your own product page and your product is visible for buyers who want to contribute to the SDGs. We validate your measurable data for potential buyers.

More and more public buyers signed a commitment to buy with positieve impact on the environment and people. You can make these buyers succesful and be transparant on the impact of your solution. 

Visible impact of your sustainable solution in 4 steps

Registrer online

Registrer your solution including a short description  of the product, function and added value.


Complete the questionnaire and upload evidenc and certificates for the impact fields. 


Our expert checkes all evidence to confirm the positive impact and makes the impact on SDGs visible and measurable.

Share results

Your sustainable solutions is added to the products on the platform. You have a website to show to potential buyers the Positieve Impact.

recommendations from suppliers

The link with the SDGs appeals to me very much.

With this webpage on the platfrom I can easily explain the positive impact of  my products to buyers for each SDG.

The SDGs are appealing to everyone (a universal langues for sustainability).

Bert van Vuuren

Director, Natural Plastics

The Tractaatweg has been used by Boskalis as a means to learn from biobased materials and applications and to go one step further in the transition to the deployment of biobased products in the outdoor area.

We can further roll out the biobased components and the freely-completed biobased pilot within new projects.

Through good cooperation between the chain partners and the ambition of the client, we have achieved a visible result that we can be proud of!

Esther Stapper

Stapper Duurzaamadvies

frequently asked questions

How much time will it cost to complete the questionnaire?

This depend on the product and impacts from halve a day to a couple of days depending on the availability of data. 

I do not know what to answer?

The SDGs contain a large range of topics. Within your company specialist may be available. In case you need support send us a mail with your question or give us a call for direct support. 

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