Biobased Product | SDG 8, 9, 12,  13

Roundabout signs (pilot)

These fences are traditionally made of wood, plastic or aluminium. Millvision has developed the first biobased fence in the world.

This product is made for 89% from rapidly renewable materials. For the reflection sticker it was not allowed to deviate from the standard stickers.



This innovative product has been developed by Millvision in collaboration with Boskalis for the Tractaatroad with the Province of Zeeland as launching customer.  


Local assembly


Innovative product


Reutility score


renewable material


lower CO2 emissions

Local assembly

This product is developed with local companies and is easily to assemble and easy to move. 


This is the first biobased roundabout sign in the world. Made of local grasfibers from the roadside. 


The products contains 89% renewable materials (natural fibers, bio polymers and plant oil). The product is reusable for 100% after its used time.  

CO2 emissions

The CO2 footprint of plant based poles is 90% lower compared to aluminium poles based on the Ashby methode. 

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gravel pro plates bio

First Project testing this product


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