SDG 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17


Based on the final design concept , as published on Schouwen-Duiveland ‘Think Along’ in April 2021, it has been mapped out how the project contributes to the 17 sustainable development goals. It is important to safeguard these values ​​in the implementation.

With this redesign, Brouwershaven is preparing for the future with the aim of ‘remaining the most beautiful town on the Grevelingen‘.

The planning area concerns the layout of Markt & Haven. The local knowledge of the residents and entrepreneurs was used to come up with a new traffic plan. The city council and the Cultuur & Erfgoed Brouwershaven Foundation have contributed ideas about the paving around the square, which makes the historic tram line Zijpe-Burgh visible.


Felixx Landscape Architects collaborated with the city council on a design plan that incorporates as many of the original proposals from the market studios as possible.

Client:  Municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland

Contractor : to be selected

Period:  The award and implementation will start in 2021

Planting trees, regional flower mix, reuse of paving, making public space restricted to traffic, space for bandstand and historical elements, LED lighting and charging points for cars.

positive impact indicators

The indicators applied worldwide are based on the framework for the sustainable goals for 2030. 


17.7 cooperation

The plans were developed in collaboration with the city council, entrepreneurs and residents of Brouwershaven. Input from the City Council, OVB, Culture & Heritage Foundation (SCEB) has been incorporated into materials and design. Input from residents and stakeholders is collected through the Citizenlab pilot.


3.9 improved air quality

The project contributes to road safety by closing the market and making it less accessible (one-way and reducing parking spaces). This reduces air pollution and noise nuisance around the market.

4.7 SDG impact

For this project, the impact on the sustainable development goals has been mapped out and additional opportunities have been identified for the contractors. By publishing the impact of this project, the knowledge is widely disseminated.

8.9 sustainable tourism

The basis for this design is the layout sketch that the city council and OVB made together with residents and entrepreneurs. With the ‘Vision Port & Market’, Brouwershaven is prepared for the future and at the same time it remains “The most beautiful town on the Grevelingen.”

9.4 low CO2

In the project area, reuse of 2595m2 of paving is provided, resulting in a CO2 reduction of 93 tons CO2. The LED street lighting also contributes to CO2 reduction.

11.4 cultural heritage

The redesign will give the bandstand more space for musical performances. A reference is made to the historic tram line Zijpe-Burgh.

12.5 reuse

In the project, the natural stone cobblestones, baked clinkers and the stretch layer of natural stone are reused.

15.9 biodiversity

Addition of mobile planters with a flower mix based on native species, shrubs and 6 trees to the plan area.


7.2 renewable energy

A Municipal Energy Agenda and a Zeeland regional energy strategy have been drawn up. The energy in the project area for lighting and charging points comes from sustainable energy.

10.2 disabled place 

The project has provided disabled parking spaces.  

13.2 flooding 

The municipality has drawn up  a climate adaptation plan for the area. Street gullies are provided for drainage in the design.


  • Extra rainwater collection (SDG6)
  • Local suppliers (SDG8)
  • Charging points for cyclists and scooters   (SDG9)
  • Reuse bicycle racks and street lighting posts (SDG12)
  • Vertical green against heat stress (SDG13)

“We made an opportunity map using the SDG purchasing compass. This shows that there are direct and indirect opportunities to further increase the contribution to the sustainable development goals with the quality impulse. We share these with our suppliers so that the design can be optimized.”

Pieter Swerus

Concern buyer, Municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland

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