Sustainable Procurement Dashboard

2020 -2023

The Province of Limburg aims to purchase socially responsible as much as possible in a professional, honest, reliable, transparent and uniform manner.

Three important themes play a role in the tendering and purchasing policy: regional business (economy), SROI (people) and sustainability (planet).

The aim is to strengthen Limburg’s innovative and competitive economy and to contribute to the sustainable development goals.










Sustainable procurment is a strong instrument to translate our policy goals in our own tenders: ‘Practise what you preach’.  In 2020 the Provincial States adopted the Policy Circular Economy 2.0. Circulair procurement is an important focus area.

Monika Portener Dawidczyk

Senior jurist, Province of Limburg

Regional economy

Contribute as much as possible to the creation and maintenance of employment in Limburg through tenders.


Active invited

The regional business community is actively invited to multiple private tenders where possible.

Inclusive society

Spend part of the tender amount for jobs, internships and apprenticeships for people at a distance from the labor market.


Projects SROI

All promising purchase orders> € 100,000 as a requirement for the contractor.

Circular economy

Accelerate the transition to a circular economy in Limburg through tenders and contribute to the local climate challenge.


Circular pilots

Objective: 3 projects

 Current status: 7 projects

Circular pilots 2020


Road lighting




waste reuse

Guide rail

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