For the following projects the Positive Impact on the SDG is made measurable and visable

Field station

The Province of Zeeland assigned the construction of a field station to replace the Summer House of Het Zeeuwse Landschap that was demolished to a construtionteam in 2020.

The field station is the base for birdwatchers and for scientist to do research and monitor. Which is important for mapping and preserving the biodiversity in Saeftinghe and the international knowledge about the value of the tidal area, marsh formation and migratory birds.

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N62 Tractaatweg

In 2017, the Province of Zeeland decided to expand the N62 “Tractaatweg” (100 km / h) in Zeeland Flanders from 1 runway to 2 runways in both directions. Including the construction of four new viaducts.The N62 is an important connection between the seaports and the industrial area of Ghent (Belgium) with Terneuzen and Vlissingen (the Netherlands).The aim of the widening was to improve traffic flow and road safe .

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Roundabout N253

In 2019, the Province of Zeeland decided to construct a roundabout in the N253 near Sint Anna Ter Muiden.

The N253 connects the Netherlands to Belgium and is an important access road for (tourist) visitors to Sluis and the freight traffic on the Terneuzen – Zeebrugge route.

The aim of the roundabout is to improve road safety and traffic flow.

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Pilot circular paper

In 2018, the Province of Zeeland decided to start a pilot together with WEPA Netherlands the supplier of hygiene paper.The aim of the pilot is to collect paper towels, which are used in the sanitary areas, to use as raw material for toilet paper for the Province of Zeeland.

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circular furniture

In 2018, the Province of Zeeland made a framework agreement for the supply of loose furniture for the offices in the Abbey complex in Middelburg.

Delivery includes desks, office chairs, conference tables and chairs, lounge workstations, cabinets and seatings.

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