Biobased Products | SDG 8, 12, 13, 15

Gs pro grass plates bio

The biobased honeycombs are used to prevent cars that have to divert on the roadside.

The GS PRO GRASS PLATES were used for the Tractaat road to test their strength. This biobased alternative is biodegradable, so there are no deposit costs.

This product was developed by Rodenburg and made out of potato- and mais starch.  


% Lower maintenance


reutilization score


% lower CO2 emissions


% renewable materials


No harmful substances

no maintenance

The product is biodegradable after its life span low maintenance cost.


73% of the materials used are from renewable material. At the end of its life span the product is 100% compostable.

Low CO2

The product is made from by products and the CO2 is lower than products made from fossil fuel. 


The product releases no harmfull substances during the life span.  

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this Product is applied in projects


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