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The Province of Limburg and the municipalities of Beekdaelen, Heerlen, Brunssum, Landgraaf, Kerkrade, Simpelveld and IBA Parkstad BV have entered into a cooperation agreement to realize the Leisure Lane, a recreational slow traffic route of 33.4 km. 

A route that uniquely connects urban areas, high-quality landscape, business locations and recreational attractions. The landscape tells the story of the region. This story is periodically interrupted by a break in the form of viewpoints, pavilions and gardens. 

For this project, a construction team is being used, so that knowledge and expertise of the market is used earlier to optimize the design. 


Client:  municipalities of Beekdaelen, Heerlen, Landgraaf, Kerkrade, Brunssum, Simpelveld. The province is mandated for the tender procedure and project management.

CPV codes : 45000000, 45200000

Period:  The tender was published in October 2020. The term of the contract is the end of 2023.

For this pilot, the Province of Limburg wants to gain experience with a materials passport and the application of at least 1 innovative circular construction element . It is important to make experiences and knowledge gained in the project visible via the (virtual) information boards.


positive impact indicators

The indicators are based on the international SDG of the United Nations. 

SDG 3.1

Healthy exercise

Parkstad is a region with a major task in the field of improving the health and vitality
of its inhabitants. The project contributes to literally ‘getting moving’ of the inhabitants of the
region: by bicycle, jogging or walking.

SDG 8.3

Additional visitors

The construction of the Leisure Lane connects the main attractions. Connecting to new attractions stimulates
investment in the leisure economy. The Leisure Lane can then develop into an important link in the international bicycle network and thus attract extra visitors to the region.

SDG 9.4

Innovative element

At least 1 element consists of an innovative circular solution.

By applying new materials in practice, the POI will not only become a cultural and historical signboard, but also a signboard for the new economy in Limburg.

SDG 11.2

Secure infrastructure

The Leisure Lane is an important connection for commuter traffic and school-aged youth. The wide design and the construction of grade-separated intersections make it above all a safe route, which should also contribute to reducing accidents between slow traffic and motorized traffic.


SDG 12.2


The Leisure Lane is the place where at least 1 innovative circular element is made visible, calculated on the degree of circularity and provided with a
material passport . The market is challenged to work with innovative
circular value models.

SDG 13.2

CO2 reduction

The Leisure Lane encourages the use of bicycles and thus discourages the use of the car, especially over shorter distances. The project thus contributes to reducing CO2 emissions at local and regional level.

SDG 15.5


 The cycle path has wide ecologically designed berms for an ecological
connection between different (nature) areas. This creates a unique habitat
for flora and fauna in various places.

SDG 17.7

To collaborate

The Leisure Lane is part of IBA. The IBA Parkstad exhibition year will start in July 2021, IBA will present the projects. This will share knowledge about a more sustainable economy. By working with a construction team, knowledge is shared between parties much earlier.


In accordance with the Tender Guidelines under paragraph 3.7.2 (Qualitative Document Image Quality), the Contractor must provide insight into how the Contractor will implement the material passport, the innovative circular element(s) and the visualization of the pilot. For details about the request, click the button below.

For the Leisure Lane we have chosen to carry out a circular pilot in which we, as a launching customer, apply an innovative circular element to at least 1 of the Points of Interest. In addition, we will draw up a material passport for the element for the first time.

Dennis Storcken

Contract manager, Province Limburg

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