Measurable impact

Together with Provincie Zeeland the Sustainable Procurement Platform developed a methodology to monitor the effect of each procurement.

Every supplier of products, services or work  is now able to provide insight on their avoided CO2 emissions, including the impact of secundary/renewable materials.

The results of all procurement projects within a year will be shown in the dashbord in february 2024. We are able to measure scope 3 for our organisation.


reduce primary raw materials

kg primary materials avoided 

The Dutch government aims to become circulair in 2050.  Primary raw materials are non-reneable raw materials that have not been used before (for example metals, minerals and products from fossile oil and natural gas. Province of Zeeland signed this goal and aims reduce the use of primary materials with 50% in 2030.


CO2 emission reduction

KG Greenhouse gases avoided 

The climate is changing (more extreme weather and raising sea levels) due to global exessive CO2 emission. In European context we agreed to reduce our  CO2-emissions. Province of Zeeland takes here responsibility to contribute as part of this global taks reducing emission with 55% compared to 1990 in 2030.  In addition the we strive to be climate proof  in 2050.

sdg 11 schone lucht


NOx emission reduction

KG Nitrogen oxide avoided 

The objective of the Clean Air Agreement is to permenantly improve the air quality. We aim to achive a health gain of at least 50% by 2030 compared by 2016. Nitrogen monoxide is produced during a variety of combustion processes. At high temperatures, chemical reactions accur. Nitrogen dioxide may be harmful for humans becose of these nitrogen compounds cause smog and particulate matter. This can cause health problems such as asthma.



Phase out CRM substances

kg CMR substances phased out 

Substances with Carcinogenic (potential cancering causing) and/or Mutagenic (inducing changes in DNA) and/or Reproductive toxic (harmfull for reproduction or offspring) proporties are called CMR substances. Province of Zeeland aim to phase out these substances by active request for alternatives and offert testing facilities for awareness.

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