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Furniture Abbey

The Province of Zeeland made a framework agreement for the supply of loose furniture for the offices in the Abbey complex in Middelburg.

Delivery includes desks, office chairs, conference tables and chairs, lounge workstations, cabinets and seatings.

When redesigning the building interior, a flexible office concept was chosen that invites collaboration and meeting each other, with the aim of stimulating and supporting task-driven work.


Contracting Authority: Province  of Zeeland

Contractor: Vepa the furniture factory

Period: Contract awarded in July 2018. The contract runs until December 31th of 2021 with the option of four times an extention of two years. 

Circular products:
Edge T (desk), Felt (chair), Be Brave 200 (office chairs)

This project contribute to the SDGs

positive impact measured

The indicators to meaure the impact are based on the EU-GPP for furniture. TPAS for wood and the formula of Cradle to Cradle Product Standaard v3.0 for the reutilization score.

Indicator 1

Integration of new circular solutions during the contract period (incl. extentions)

# developments to improve the reutilization

Indicator 2

Ensturing good ergonomics with adaptability or furniture

make it easy for users to have an optimal ergonomic posture 

Indicator 3

Design for infinit reuse

(a) % the furniture is reusable or compostable

(b) % reused material or renewable material

Formula: {(2A + B)/3}100

Indicator 4

Product value after 7 year

Take back price includes the cost for transport


Sustainability criteria in this tender contained knock out requirements and awarding criteria for 25%.

Evidence for healthy materials according the European limits and sustainable sourcing were the knock out criteria.

The awarding criteria focused on materials and suppliers need to make the design for reuse concrete for two products, provide the take back price of the products, make concrete how the current furniture will be reused and describe how during the contract period new developments can be integrated.

Circular products

The winning supplier calculated the reutilization score for: 

  • Be Brave 200
  • Edge-T
  • Felt

    Be brave 200



    “For the European tender Furniture Abbey offices we made sustaibility measurable. 

    The tools for buyers on the platform provided insights of the risks, possibilities and standardized norms. “

    Cor Tromp

    Senior Buyer, Province Zeeland

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