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Ferry dock

In 2019, the municipality of Goes decided to renew the pier for the bicycle-pedestrian ferry in Wolphaartsdijk.

From mid-April to the end of September, the Beeke family sails with the Ms. Hope between Kortgene and Wolphaartsdijk.

For this request it was decided to include reusability now and in the future. The municipality has had the existing scaffolding constructively assessed for reuse.


About this project

Procurement: Municipality of Goes

Period: Tender and selection in 2019. Realization before 1 April 2020.

Circular awarding:

  • Design for future reuse (modular and demontable connections)
  • Use materials from other renevaton or demolition work and unsold materials.
  • Reuse parts of the current dock for the renovation or in projects elsewhere.


positive impact indicators

The indicators are based on the EU-GPP criteria for furniture. TPAS for sustainable wood. For reusability, the formula from the Cradle to Cradle Product Standard v3.0 has been used.

SDG 3, 14

The use of healthy materials is important for life in water and the people who come into contact with the materials during the life cycle. With a material passport, the supplier can record the composition of the materials, which makes healthy reuse possible now and in the future.


Design for reuse to make this concrete, the supplier must demonstrate how the design ensures that the parts remain reusable in the future (dismountable), are easily replaceable and describe the method in which they manage the closure of the cycle.

SDG 12


(A) % reusable or compostable at end of life or useful life

(B) % recycled raw material or renewable raw materials used in the scaffold

Formula: (2A + B) /3 x 100

SDG 15

Sustainable wood comes from forests that are sustainably managed. This means that felling is done in such a way that the ecological function of the forest as a habitat for both plant and animal species is preserved. But the rights of the workers involved and of the indigenous population in the forests are also respected.


The MVI award is based on minimum requirements and an action plan for a positive impact on 3 themes:

1. Healthy preservatives for humans and animals (aquatic life)

2. Value retention of the materials (now and in the future)

3. Sustainable wood

“We want to promote reuse of the ferry dock now and in the future. It is important that we keep clean cycles, so that we do not recycle polluted materials. That is why we want to know the composition of materials. In order to record this knowledge for the future, we will work with a material passport.”

Maurits Otte

Head of Engineering Office, Municipality of Goes

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