Circular Product | SDG 8, 10, 12, 13


Felt gives waste a second life. The seat is made of PET bottles. Unique, because no other felt chair is built from 4 layers of PET felt.

The legs are made of sustainable certified PEFC wood.

Due to the circular design of the chair, the environmental impact of this product is much lower than that of comparable variants (shadow price 0.96 euros).

Felt is entirely produced in the Netherlands.

This product is developed by Vepa under the made-in-holland label.


social inclusion


reutilization score

kg CO2 emissions


% renewable material

social inclusion

Active in recruiting employees with a distance to the labour market.


The raw materials are 100% recycled material or renewable. The product is 98% reusable after use.

Low CO2

The product is entirely produced in the Netherlands. The wood used absorbs CO2 during growth (15 kg CO2 based on Environmental Product Declaration)

Residual value

The product can last 2 or 3 lives. After 7 years, the product can be taken back at an already fixed price. 

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