contribute to the SDGs

Professional buyer

And curious for the impact on the SDGs of product(s) or project(s) you purchase(d).

Our platfom support you to gain insight, select relevant indicators to measure performance and disclose on the realized impact of products and projects.

the platform services to create Positive Impact


We provide an overview with concrete steps how to make positive impact for your procurement 


Select the relevant positive impact metrics and awarding criteria for your procurement


Calculate the performance of a procurement against the standarized metrics to report the impact.


Work with the supply chain to gain insight on how to improve the positive impact.

our ambassadors

The platform makes it easy for suppliers to make the impact concrete.

By having this validated by an expert, we have reliable data. With the project impact website I can easily show colleagues, other buyers and suppliers what we have achieved.

We have made the added value for people and the environment visible and made the positive SDG impact measurable for the biobased products used at the Tractaatweg.

Martin Scherpenisse

Senior strategic procurement advisor, Provincie Zeeland

The platform offers tools for translating SDG for buyers, but also for market parties. I notice the need for making the positive impact visible for buyers.

By introducing metrics for products and projects, the impact is specifically linked to the relevant SDGs.

In this way, we as the Province of Zeeland can use our purchases to show which SDGs we contribute to and indirect contribution to policy objectives of our Province.

Kim Barentsen

Buyer, Provincie Zeeland

The platform makes sustainable procurement concrete and tangible.

For the European tender for Furniture the platform gave insight in the markt offerings and translate the circular ambition in criteria for the tender documents. We selected the minimum requirements and the metrics for circularity of products.

The Platform has given us insight into what is possible and what harmonized indicators are available.

Cor Tromp

Buyer, Provincie Zeeland

As the Province of Zeeland we would like to set a good example with our procurement.

Personally, I also think it is very important to make a positive impact on the environment, and thus contribute to the preservation of our earth. That is why I am happy with this platform that empowers me.

Through this platform, both governments and suppliers can inform, activate and mainly inspire each other.

Chelsea Douwes

Buyer, Provincie Zeeland

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the impact validated?

Specialists analyse the evidence from suppliers about the measurable impact of their solution. The platform makes use of (international) standards, harmonized metrics, NEN norms and ISO standards.

Which databases are used for the insight?

The overview for a specific procurement is filtered from our own database and public databases like Ecolabel, Bcorp, FSC, DuBokeur, Cradle to Cradle Product Registry, Biobased bouwen, national enviornmantal databases etc.

How long do I have to wait for a product validation?

From the moment a supplier compleets our questionnaire it takes between 1 to 2 weeks.

Who are the experts of the platform for validation?

The validatie of suppliers data is executed by experts with experience in that industry and international standards for a positive impact on the SDG. If you are an expert yourself please inform us incase you like to be part of our platform.

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