Sustainable Procurement platform

visualize the measurable positive impact of your procurement or product


You are a professional buyer and intent to set performance metrics to measure the impact on the sustainable development goals. And thereby initiate a chain acceleration?

Our platform for Sustainable Purchasing provides the tools to ensure the delivery of positive impact.

For suppliers of sustainable solutions our platform makes the impact transparent so buyers can exponential growth their impact for the global challenges.

For buyers we make it easy to measure impact with standardized metrics

As a supplier, make your products that contribute to a sustainable world visible to buyers.

measure impact with our 


Op dit plaatje staan de 17 Duurzame Ontwikkelings Doelstellingen


The Sustainable Procurement Platform is developed in close cooperation with the buyers from the Province of Zeeland.

Mariska van Dalen is the founder. She started her career at the Ministery of Environment as policy maker, developed benchmark studies for ethical investment funds with Triodos Bank and worked as a consultant for an engineering firm advising companies how to make profit and make positive impact.

The Platform connects professional buyers with sustainable solutions. Using the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) to measure the impact of products and establish understanding by reporting measurable impact with standardized metrics.

The Sustainable Procurement Platform is part of KOVMA, a dutch startup founded in 2017, with the aim to empower all who want to buy the change.


Op de foto staat Mariska van Dalen, zij is initiatiefnemer van het Platform voor Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Inkopen

Photo: Mariska van Dalen, founder of the Sustainable Procurement Platform